NeighbourCare offers multiple services for complex clinical conditions for more than 40+ years; our expertise has supported pre-clinical and clinical communities, helping facilitate the clinical practice lifecycle. We offer a complete range of clinical services that cover every step, from discovery to delivery, and our practices take great pride in delivering the highest-quality care. We believe that quality care is more important than the results. 

Our clinical operations team is highly experienced in maintaining the highest standards of ethics, quality, and confidentiality. Collectively, the Team has vast experience in several therapeutic areas. Our Team is thoroughly trained in our SOPs, which meet the quality standards of all our services. Our experienced doctors and physicians manage patient conditions through evidence-based medical care protocols that lead to improved patient health outcomes. We also promote good health practices by educating the patients and offering comprehensive health check-up packages. In addition to our complete clinical services list below, we have many other resources for managers, educational content, and a robust digital health platform so you can conveniently manage your care from anywhere.

NeighbourCare has various specialty and super-speciality OPDs from Monday to Sunday. And emergency “Primary Care” service is available 24X7 (round the clock on all days).

Our Services

Our OPD Services

Dermatological Services | Procedures Consultation

Get More Consultation?

  • Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology
  • Pediatric (Children)
  • Dermatology – Vitiligo/Leukoderma
  • Clinic – Medical & Surgical Therapy
  • Pigmentation and Melasma – Contact Dermatitis/ Eczema/Allergy (Patch Test)/Psoriasis/Acne/Anti-ageing

Other Services

First-aid care

Vaccination (All ages – Newborn to Adults)

Medical Consultation through Videoconference

Free Home Delivery Services for Rx Medicine

Our Specialists

Ravi Patel

Chief Operating Officer

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Dr. Nayan Patel

Chief Medical Director

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Maheshvari Patel

Chief Executive Officer

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