NeighbourCare™️ is Bringing a New Nobel Initiative for the First Time in India, the Concept of “Donation of HealthCare”

We are Building a Healthier India for a Healthier Tomorrow

About Donate a Healthcare:

For the first time in India, NeighbourCare is starting a new program – “Donation of Healthcare” initiative. It means that now you will be able to donate healthcare services to people in need without worrying about many things, such as space, resources, professionals, and infrastructure.

NeighbourCare™️ is a network of MBBS primary care clinics. We currently have 9 clinics open and operational; by the end of December 2022, 15 clinics will be operating across Gujarat. Our mission is by the end of 2023; we will have approximately 70 clinics to enhance the healthcare ecosystem.

To make the healthcare donation proposition more viable and accessible, we will make our facilities, resources, and medical equipment available to donors once every week so they can use them to donate medical treatment. This way, healthcare professionals aiming to support the needy can rent our resources and provide optimal healthcare services as healthcare donations.

Benefits of Donating Healthcare:

All healthcare services that day will be completely free when someone signs up for “Donation of Healthcare.” The services that would be provided free of charge are:

  • Consultation with MBBS
  • ECG (Electrocardiogram)
  • Free Sugar Checkup
  • Free HB checkup
  • Free Consultation and Bp Check-Up
  • First 50 Patients ECG on 07/01/23
  • Digital Health Data
  • Free Sanitary Napkins for needy females
  • 15 Days Multivitamins Tablets

We will be adding more services as we expand more clinics.

Our 1st donation was on December 18th, 2022; for the first time, “Pragati Sahayak Parivar, Kadi, Mehsana” is renting all our clinics to run free healthcare to everyone who wants to take benefit. We request more donations in a non-commercial way.

Please feel free to join us, use the consultations to your benefit, and let your close ones know about it.