Today, community pharmacists play a vital role in any country as they take responsibility for patients’ medicine-related needs for access to healthcare. However, in India, only the supply of medicines remains the core activity of the community pharmacist. Most community pharmacists in the country still hardly offer patient‐oriented service.

The role of pharmacists in the community and their medical management may change in the wake of the rapid growth of domestic medicine output and other healthcare expenditures. With typically following community pharmacy practice – NeighbourCare Pharmacy has been established.

NeighbourCare Pharmacy enhances patient outcomes, driving digital healthcare delivery efficiencies and developing effective strategies across the pharmacy value.

Our Pharmacist provides medications, checks with the prescription from the doctor, and prepares the medication for the patient. Ensure that the medications and doses are appropriate for the patient considering health factors. Provides instructions to the patient or caregiver about taking the medications. Give appropriate advice to help patients to understand their health and medicines.

We promote a healthy lifestyle, supporting patients to make healthier choices, such as eating more nutritious food, taking supplements, taking natural herbal products, exercising, and doing yoga more often.

Our Pharmacy covers:

  •  Prescription Medicines
  •  Generic Medicines
  •  Surgical
  •  Ayurvedic | Herbal Medicines
  •  Nutraceuticals and OTC Products
  •  Baby Care | Mother Care
  •  Men’s and Women’s Personal Wellness products
  •  Female Hygiene Products
  •  Elderly care
  •  Cosmetics
  •  Home Care | Surface Cleaner
  •  Diabetic Care
  •  Pet Care Products

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